[PD] All-lights game in pd

Brendan Asselstine bstine at telus.net
Sun Feb 13 18:41:07 CET 2005

nice patch...always left with one on the damn thing though

Federico wrote:

>i liked this game a lot.
>yesterday i was searching it over the net, but can find only java
>versions, so i wrote my own in pd.
>for those who don't know: the goal of this game is to turn on all the
>lights (checkboxes)
>internals are very simple:
> i wrote my own checkbox object (GOP abstraction) which propagates only
>when clicked by user, but never when triggered by another checkbox. so
>all checkbox are linked together. the second inlet traverse every object
>to check if you won.
>i named this "spacca25" (without any particular sense ;])
>  game.pd    The MAIN object. Start with this
>  board.pd   The Board object.
>  p.pd       The Checkbox object.

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