[PD] All-lights game in pd

Federico xaero at inwind.it
Tue Feb 15 22:18:50 CET 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 09:41:07 -0800
Brendan Asselstine <bstine at telus.net> wrote:

> nice patch...always left with one on the damn thing though

if you search over the net, you'll find various strategies to solve this

the one i know is to start from top left, turning on the checkboxes by
clicking on the checkbox below (so you really start from the second
you follow this way until the last line, where you still have some
checkboxes unchecked... then you click some (i don't remember precisely
which), and then starting again from the second line to turn on
checkboxes by clicking on the checkbox below...
maybe magically you got all the checks turned on!

i'm sorry if this appear confused. it's easier explain it whit a graph
than with words (expecially for me)

however this is only one way.
and remember, the first two times i played this game, i solved it
clicking randomly, whit a big surprise of my friends, hehe :))

if you want know more... until now i solved it in 25 clicks =)

maybe i'll make more levels in the future.



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