[PD] New bugtracker bug: writesf~ 64-bit distorted files

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Mon Feb 14 22:06:41 CET 2005

Hello all,

I just added a new bug to the sourceforge bugtracker:
writesf~ 64-bit distorted files.

My machine is an AMD 64-bit laptop with Fedora Core 3 test 1.
I am running the 2.6.10-lsm kernel and pd from CVS as of Feb 3.

I am trying to read in files using readsf~ and I always get bad
header messages, so I do [open myfile.wave 0 200 2 2 l< and I
can read a file. I cannot get soundfiler to work.

Most importantly I try to write a wav file but despite the
messages I send it it records at twice the rate. Also readsf~
complains that the file written by writesf~ have a bad header,
which hints that perhaps readsf~ is broken too, and not just my
sound file.

Thanks for any help! I wish I could solve my own problem but if
just I started changing uint32 to unsigned long or something I
think I would break my pd.


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