[PD] .pdrc / error parsing rc arguments

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Tue Feb 15 19:55:22 CET 2005

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>> hi,
>> reading startup file:  /users/local/.pdrc
>> error parsing rc arguments

thanks much for helping

> well, pd doesn't complain about not finding the file but rather about an
> error while parsing it.
> so probably you should post your .pdrc (or at least: look hard at it) to
> see what is wrong with it.

-path /Users/1001/Library/Pd/Externals
-helppath /Users/1001/Library/Pd/Help
-path /Library/Pd/Externals
-helppath /Library/Pd/Help
-cordcolor #cccc00

> furthermore, please note, that as with pd>=0.38 the .pdrc is deprecated
> in favour of .pdsettings (which has a completely different syntax)
> (note: .pdsettings only applies for linux; on windows the configuration
> uses the registry; on osX the application-setting-system (or however it
> is called))
> so probably you are best off by deleting the old .pdrc and start from
> scratch. (you can save the current settings via the File->Settings dialogue)

before i do something stupid.  i have noticed that portaudio etc. . actually
resides in a folder labeled internals inside the Pd folder : the original
is in usr/local/Pd.  but, the trouble is not finding the pdrc file . right ?

so, any glaring problems come to the surface?  by starting from scratch
i assume you mean just a new pdrc file.

also,  if this helps. . . if i try running 0.37 [which is what i was trying
in the first place] i get :

reading startup file: /Users/1001/.pdrc
DigiCoreAudioDriver> Found 21 entries in 'SupportedApps.txt'.
using default input device number: 0
using default output device number: 3
nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
pd_gui: pd process exited
/Applications/Pd.command: line 2:  1090 Segmentation fault
/usr/local/pd/bin/pd -rt

thanks again for helping,

    . zehn

> mfg.a.dsr
> IOhannes

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