[PD] Help with MIDI i/o Linux Pd

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Wed Feb 16 07:05:07 CET 2005

Mitchell Turner <mmturner at mindspring.com> writes:

> I am trying to get a Planet CCRMA linux box up and running with PD.  I
> am having one problem.  I cannot get UM-1 (USB MIDI) to show up as a
> MIDI input/output device in the MIDI Settings... window of PD
> (Media>MIDI settings...).
> This MIDI device shows up as an Audio device instead.  When I click on
> the Audio Settings (Media>Audio settings...)  the UM-1 is in the audio
> list.  

AFAIK, all usb devices (MIDI and audio) are being managed by one and
the same alsa driver, namely snd-usb-audio.  Assuming you use hotplug,
snd-usb-audio is being loaded at fairly early stage, when usb is being
configured.  Hotplug simply detects a usb device and loads it even
before you get to the sound/alsa loading rutines.  One efficient way
to prevent this is to blacklist snd-usb-audio and let the sound
loading scripts take care of loading that driver.

As a test, try booting with your MIDI interface unplugged and se where
that gets you.  then see what happens when you plug it in.



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