R: [PD] resonant comb filter series

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Feb 16 17:05:47 CET 2005

Hi Davide,

I'll get back to you with something in just a sec, but first this:

you do know that [fiddle~] sends out the MIDI pitch, not the frequency 
in Hz, right? It doesn't account for the discrepency in your patch, but 
it is the first error I noticed.


Davide Morelli wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> Thank you for the explanation, Karplus-Strong gives charimng sounds.
> But I can't make it resonate at the frequency I want.
> I made a little testing patch trying to follow your guidelines as much as I
> could.
> What's wrong?
> I googled a bit and I always found that deltime should be
> deltime (sec) = 1/Freq(Hz)
> example: to get a A440 sound I should
> deltime (msec) = (1/440)*1000
> why must we do
> deltime (msec) = (samplerate~ / Freq(Hz)) / 1000
> instead?
> I can't get it...
> (.. newbie)

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