[PD] timing problems

Miha Ciglar miha.ciglar1 at guest.arnes.si
Wed Feb 16 18:24:48 CET 2005

Hi list!

I want to record a performance:
- I am recording audio directly in my PD patch: writesf~
- I am filming the performance with an independent video camera.

I start and stop the camera and the audio recording in PD simultaneously
At the end, the recording in the camera is 18min 29sec long, but in PD, the recording is 18min 11sec, so I can't put the picture and sound together...
I am recording everything at 48000 kHz, with PD 0.38-2 (windows)
I think I am going crazy with this problem, because I can't figure out which one is faulty: PD or camera
Had anyone ever experienced that kind of behavior?



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