[PD] audio convolution filters

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Feb 18 01:11:06 CET 2005

Ian Smith-Heisters hat gesagt: // Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:

> I've been playing with image convolution filters, and wanted to take a 
> look at the same ideas in audio. I was wondering if someone could point 
> me towards some good resources. I've played a bit with the FFT 
> tutorials, but they don't make too much sense to me yet, I think I need 
> more background. Google hasn't been too yielding, perhaps since I'm not 
> too sure what I'm looking for. Dodge's /Computer Music/ only has two 
> references to convolution, baiscally saying it's really cool, and 
> Soundhack uses it alot.

See www.dspguide.com for a good online dsp book, and if you can find
it, definitely check out F. Richard Moore's "Elements of Computer
Music" for a very good introduction to the whole complex for computer
musicians. IMO it is the best of its kind I've read so far, easily
surpassing both classics by Dodge/Jerse and Roads, but requiring a bit
more math knowledge - which actually is impossible to avoid in that

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