[PD] Scanned Synthesis

cyrille cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Wed Feb 23 06:38:40 CET 2005


i do belive that scan synthesys is more than video->audio or audio->video.

i really belive that "algorythm" -> (audio & video) is more powerfull 
(from artistic point of view) than video->audio or audio->video.

scann synthesys is only a simple exemple of my point of view.

personal thinking only...
(anyway, i still wait for pdp to be crossplatform, did not really try it 
for now)



Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Phillip Stearns hat gesagt: // Phillip Stearns wrote:
>>Has anyone done anything with scanned synthesis in PD?  Are there
>>any links, patches, externals?  Just seeming if anything is out
>>there before I go to work on the math.
> Another kind of scanned synthesis is inside of pdp:
> pdp_scan~ and pdp_scanxy~, IIRC. They scan the pdp image using an oval
> through the image and taking that as wavetable. Quite cool.
> Ciao

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