[PD] Scanned Synthesis

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 23 10:52:45 CET 2005

cyrille hat gesagt: // cyrille wrote:

> i do belive that scan synthesys is more than video->audio or audio->video.
> i really belive that "algorythm" -> (audio & video) is more powerfull 
> (from artistic point of view) than video->audio or audio->video.
> scann synthesys is only a simple exemple of my point of view.

The "problem" with the pdp_scan is, that it is hard to control in a
directly musical way, IMO. Admittedly it's not the kind of "scanned
synthesis" as in Csound. However it is quite interesting to directly
hear the results of image operations like blur, which results in filtering
etc. If you saw Tom perform in Graz: His patch used this kind of idea

Unfortunatly I don't know very much about the "Csound" scanned
synthesis, which can create very nice sounds. It would be cool to have
something like this in Pd, but it should be realtime. Your pmpd example
patch which fills a table from a model unfortunatly takes ages to fill
it on my machine, so this approach seems to be only valid it you can
prerender sound (in which case, maybe Taosynth could be more useful).

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