[PD] 3d loader- 3dsmax to maya converter?

manuel knapp manuel.knapp at chello.at
Thu Feb 24 18:13:56 CET 2005

thanks...i´ve found it.it´s an option in 3ds max.i have overlooked it.

thanks and cheers
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  On Feb 24, 2005, at 11:32 AM, manuel knapp wrote:

    this 3d loader is very cool...i have also tested this spaceshuttle obj. with the model-help-patch.it works great.
    but iam still waiting for a loader for 3ds max files, because i work about 4 years with 3ds max.i made many abstrakt objects and animations in 3ds max, so i am waiting for sucha loader.
    does anybody knows if there is a good  3dsmax to maya obj. converter?

  ...I'd suggest wings3d or blender, but blender needs an extra python importer/exporter for 3ds (easy enough to find on the blender site; look for importer/exporter plugins/scripts)...I should also note that these programs only really do this on x86 platforms: 3ds files have byteswapping problems atm on ppc...but there should be native support in [model] very soon!

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