[PD] question about video playback, Framestein

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Mon Feb 28 18:16:17 CET 2005


On Feb 28, 2005, at 10:32 AM, David Merrill wrote:
> video playback: what's the best way to do this? (if I have a .avi, or 
> some other format that I want to play fullscreen, and advance frames 
> in response to other PD events) I read a little about GEM and it seems 
> very good for 3D rendering, but it was not clear to me if it can be 
> used for video - so Framestein seemed like the obvious choice. Am I 
> correct in this?

...GEM can do video playback just fine:  just make sure you use the 
latest version 0.90-1, especially if you are on windoze and use video 
cameras...video/movie playback is simply a texturing operation, so the 
3d portion can in effect be ignored...but it's useful for compensating 
bad projection angles, or doing whatever else...

...pdp/pidip are also good for video, but require a lot of extra 
libraries to compile, and generally want to run under X11...gridflow is 
also good and allows for extremely low-level processing...also don't 
forget MaPod, but I've never used it...

> Framestein:

...framestein is windoze only, so can't help ya there...


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