[PD] question about video playback, Framestein

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 28 16:50:39 CET 2005

David Merrill hat gesagt: // David Merrill wrote:

> I have a general question about video playback, and a specific one about 
> Framestein that I would greatly appreciate your expertise on:
> video playback: what's the best way to do this? (if I have a .avi, or 
> some other format that I want to play fullscreen, and advance frames in 
> response to other PD events) I read a little about GEM and it seems very 
> good for 3D rendering, but it was not clear to me if it can be used for 
> video - so Framestein seemed like the obvious choice. Am I correct in this?

Most people seem to use PDP for this. I cannot help with your
Framestein question, as Framestein is Windows only and I don't run MS
Windows. The Framestein related traffic on this list is next to
nothing, so I suppose, it's not in wide use among the subscribers.

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