[PD] Best PD-GEM Performance Computer ... + wiki

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Tue Mar 1 13:41:42 CET 2005


> I've been using pd/Gem on Macs and on Linux machines. For lots of video
> stuff I would certainly suggest going with a Mac, dispite the extra cost.
> This is due to the very optimized commercial video decoders in quicktime.
> For a Mac I would get the best ATI card available, Radeon 9800PRO? For
> linux I would certainly suggest an Nvidia card, though the drivers are not
> free, they are 100% fully functional (for example video output on a radeon
> card on linux is often not possible). I've not looked into what Nvidia gfx
> cards are the best here.
Thanx for the answer I put a line in the wiki for this,can you describe Mac 
modell and system version you used doing that please login here the 
page http://puredata.info/community/projects/pdcomputer/MacintoshMultiHead

> As for professional vs comsumer graphics cards I would guess to say that
> the Quadro line is probably not going to help you much. I've been told that
> the only real difference between these cards is the amount of acceptable
> error in the output. For less error you pay twice as much. The gamer market
> has only really been pushing the consumer cards (obviously) and so I would
> argue these give the best value for the money.
The most thing I am suspect is the signal quality, is there a difference in 
noise floor of SVGA-Outputs and is it possible to drive long cables to 
projectors on a stage etc... since I never did.

> I don't see how you can run four screens off one computer, are there 4HEAD
> fast openGL cards out there??? I would say you need two machines with
> dual-head cards. Note that two machines with dual heads is going to be way
> faster than one machine with 4.
Using PCI-Express or also Known 2 PEG Slots on a nforce4 chipset mainboard, 
you can drive two cards with SLI Link (I think only nvidia has this) as one 
with four heads... I have read never tried ?-)

> LightTwist is a GPL system for correcting distortion caused by projecting
thanks, noted in wiki

mfg winfried

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