[PD] devel_0.38 pb loading externals?

vincent rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Wed Mar 2 13:01:29 CET 2005

well it is:
ubuntu 4.10
gcc 3.3.5
tcl/tk 8.4
pd devel 0.38 from today
i only tried with thomas' externals (latest too from cvs)
i just launched pd with
pd -lib dyn~
otherwise pd seems to work fine

could you tell me what kind of more detailed precisions would you expect?


Tim Blechmann wrote:

>>with pd devel 0.38 from cvs and your externals from cvs on linux
>>ubuntu i managed to compile dyn, py without any problem
>>but when i try to load them into Pd i get:
>>load_objet: Symbol "py_setup" not found
>>load_objet: Symbol "dyn_tilde_setup" not found
>matju reported some problems when loading externals on devel_0_38 ...
>looks similar to me ...
>still, i never experienced it, nor do i have any _detailed_ description
>of this problem ...
>please send us a precise description of your setup ... especially, if
>you are loading any specific externals in advance ...
>thanks ... tim

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