[PD] gem - light

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 2 15:17:30 CET 2005

nicob wrote:
> hi
> is there is a way to have a light binary of gem with only the desired 
> object.
yes, of course.
i use this all the time when developing and i want to shorten the time 
for linking. (esp. the openGL-stuff takes ages)

> for exemple, i'm using [text2d] [pix_texture] [pix_image], and few others,
> and i would like to use an adapted binary of gem (lighter than 15Mo) for 
> this patch.
> how to do?

download the sources (or "make distclean" if you already have them)


edit the various(!) Make.source files to hold only those objects you 
need (note: the infrastructure of Gem is in src/Base, so you most 
probably will want to compile all the files in there)




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