[PD] devel_0.38 pb loading externals?

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Wed Mar 2 16:17:06 CET 2005

> >all right ... what about memory locking ... are you running as root /
> >not as root (please try both), are you running with -rt or without?
> >  
> >
> no change
ok ... slowly i'm running out of ideas ...

> i am surely not the best person to check for this kind of things, i 
> actually don't quite understand what i am modifying
> and it is also possible that my system is wrecked somehow
currently you are the only one who both experiences and debugs this
problem ...

the only idea i have at the moment the only idea i have is to make look
for older versions of devel_0_38 and try to figure out the date when
devel_0_38 started with this behaviour ...
i know, this is a lot of work, but you would do the devel_ branch a big
favor ... 
use cvs update -D date
to check out a certain date (see man cvs for details) and start a binary
search during the last few monthes ...

i'm really sorry, that i can't help you at the moment, but with your
help, i'm pretty sure, we can find this bug ...

thanks ... tim

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