[PD] video tracking how advanced?

Chris O'Shea chris at pixelsumo.com
Sun Mar 13 02:21:08 CET 2005

I am currently on Windows and have spent quite a long time learning
Eyesweb and it is a fab program.

My problem is that I would like to move completely to Linux, and they
haven't made Eyesweb for Linux (annoying).

I've not tried video tracking in PD / GEM / PiDiP yet, and wondered if
anyone could tell me how much can be done?

I am looking to do pattern tracking, i.e. track multiple objects that 
look the same. In Eyesweb this is called posture recognition. cv.jit for 
Jitter can do this as well.

I have just seen pdp_shape on the PiDiP website, which might be able to 
do the job. Can it track and identify blobs though? (computer tracking 
gurus will know what i mean)

Any advice in this area would be great thanks,

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