[PD] video tracking how advanced?

Chris O'Shea chris at pixelsumo.com
Wed Mar 16 17:43:17 CET 2005

Hi thanks for the replies,

Yeah unfortunately Eyesweb is closed source.

I've spent quite a long time with Eyesweb and it would be a shame to 
loose all that knowledge. I might have to think about using two 
machines, one with Windows and Eyesweb and one with Linux & PD, although 
this isn't an ideal solution.

Also I'm not sure if my 'Winfast VC 100 XP' capture card will run on 
Linux, but that's a separate issue really.

Also I can't try out PiDiP properly as I am on Windows, unless I use a 
Linux live cd, which is a pain.

I'd like to get away from Windows entirely, but not sure I can do what I 
need without Eyesweb.

Hmm, difficult to know what to do there.

Chris O'Shea

Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:
> I was pretty sure EyesWeb is all closed source, but I'd love to be 
> proven wrong.
> I think PDP/PiDiP is the way to go for motion tracking. Currently it 
> lacks EW's high level objects like the centroid tracker, but it has all 
> the pieces there to build one.
> The posture recognition in EW might use some sort of neural net to 
> recognize postures, which might be buildable with Pd's ANN.
> Let me know how it goes, as it's on my list to look at this.
> -Ian

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