[PD] IEMLIB on x86_64

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Mar 17 06:41:29 CET 2005

Alright, sorry to spam the list like this. This is the last
email I will sent to the list tonight.

vi src/iemlib2/splitfilename.c
:91 s/int/long/g
:96 s/int/long/g

made it compile, still no prepend though.
I tried iem_prepend, prepend, pp, all to no avail, and sure enough
in src/iemlib2 there is an iem_prepend_kernel and prepend_ascii, but
no more prepend.

All I want to do is prepend set to a list of any size so that I
can store lists in messages without having to make a big message
[set $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8<
:for each length of list from 1 to 40

Thanks for the help again! (and again, sorry for the spam)

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