[PD] Pismo/Quattro/PD endian-ness?

vze26m98 vze26m98 at optonline.net
Thu Mar 17 23:49:30 CET 2005

Hi all-

I have PD 0.38-4 from Miller's site running on my Mac Pismo under Debian
Linux 2.6.8.  I've got an M-Audio Quattro attached, which seems to do
pretty well with respect to data rates and channels using aplay.

Here's my issue with PD: I can run it using OSS emulation and PD will
let me switch from Pismo internal audio to the Quattro.  If I enable
ALSA, I can use the Pismo internal audio, but when I switch to the
Quattro box, I'm getting some wild sounds...

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