[PD] Re: Familiar + PDa on h5550: audio/hardware details

Rene Wagner reenoo at gmx.de
Sat Mar 19 01:25:11 CET 2005

Hi all,

I didn't realize this was about running PD on handhelds when reading the
original postings on the familiar list...

Interesting :)

It's been a while that I've played with audio/MIDI stuff but this got
me curious.

Anyways, a few notes as a familiar/OE developer:

familiar is still in a transition to build everything from sources using
OpenEmbedded, so certain packages/features may still be missing from the
OE built 0.8.x releases/feeds.

ALSA support is being worked on, someone announced working on TCL/TK
.bbs (.bb being the package description ("recipe") format used for OE)
on the OE list, too.

familiar and OpenZaurus are both built from the OpenEmbedded repository,
so that the resulting packages are virtually identical.

However, they're not binary (ABI) compatible. OpenZaurus uses a
softfloat enabled toolchain while familiar doesn't to stay compatible
with Debian/ARM. You can't mix apps or libraries from familiar and
OpenZaurus (well, you can try, but things will likely be unstable).

If anyone is interested in writing .bbs for PD, PDa or other audio/MIDI
apps (so that they will be part of future familiar and OpenZaurus 
releases) I'll be happy to assist with that.

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive documentation available for
OpenEmbedded yet. There are however the bitbake manual and the OE wiki.




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