[PD] [FIR~] , [equalizer] and [biquad~] ... can i make [equalizer] and [biquad~] act like [FIR~] ?

andy graybeal graybeal at frognet.net
Sat Apr 2 21:15:26 CEST 2005

hey folks,
With [FIR~] you can draw in a graph to make the eq the way you want it.  
I don't understand [FIR~], but it does neat sounding things.

I'm wondering if I can draw inside of a graph and control [equalizer] 
which eventually controls [biquad~]  (because there is no way i'm 
capable of understanding [biquad~] at this point in time) just like the 
way [FIR~] works? 

some of you may think, why don't i just use [FIR~] .... well [FIR~] 
seems to sound a lot different than [equalizer] & [biquad~].  it seems 
to have some kind of phasing in it for one.  i also haven't figured out 
how to get it to 'cut' when i go 'negative' into the graph.. it seems to 
not get any quiter, but louder.  i know i'm not understanding how it works.

the only way i can get a graph readout of what [equalizer] and [biquad~] 
do now is if i use filtergraph.pd (i forget who wrote it).. but it 
sweeps from 20Hz to 20kHz.. and outputs a response into a graph from 
that.   this is awesome!! accept it takes a while, and i imagine it's 
not the most cpu friendly thing.


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