Antw: Re: [PD] [FIR~] , [equalizer] and [biquad~] ... can i make [equalizer] and [biquad~] act like

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Mon Apr 4 12:59:46 CEST 2005

>>> andy graybeal <graybeal at> 02.04.05 21.15 >>>

the only way i can get a graph readout of what [equalizer] and [biquad~]

do now is if i use filtergraph.pd (i forget who wrote it).. but it 


an easy way to see the amplitude and phase response of a filter (and of
every linear, time invariant system) is shown in the attached file
filterplot_biquad.pd. It s using the [fft~] of the impulse response of
the filter, you can see the impulse response in the (resizable) array
response. (The impulse response is what you were drawing in using
You can also play around with [biquad~] by setting the pole and zero
positions of the biquad filter. (The adjusted zeros and poles both have
an conjugate complex counterpart, i.e. the same value but with negative
imaginary part.)

HTH a bit

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