[PD] "spectral pause"

mik mprims at skynet.be
Fri Apr 8 01:56:19 CEST 2005

derek holzer schreef:
> Spencer Russell wrote:
>> would this work for stretching the length of a sample without
>> changing pitch? (maybe this is the standard algorithm, I don't know)
> This is either done with FFT or with granulation. [synchgrain~] or my 
> Particle Chamber abstraction can be used for that if granulation is the 
> technique. Abelton Live uses the same idea of making small enveloped 
> grains and time stretching by overlapping the playback of these 
> grains...in fact this is the most common way of doing this technique. 
> FFT is more complicated because each grain is analyzed for its spectral 
> content and then resynthesized.
> best,
> d.

there's also the pvoc~ external by ben saylor. it used to be here 
http://www.macalester.edu/~bsaylor/pvoc~-0.1.tar.gz , but seems to be gone.



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