[PD] pdp_ieee1394: grabber,initialization failed

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Apr 13 16:19:45 CEST 2005

Selon ydegoyon at free.fr:

> ola,
> > when i tried it out to today it crashed too, until i deleted my
> > .pdrc-file (nothing special in there: "-rt -lib Gem -open
> > /tmp/nonexistantfile.pd") and now it works like a charm...
> there are really mysteries in life,
> i don't think this enlight anyone here
> and is not even a serious explanation.
> and, furthermore, it still crashes here and i don't have any .pdrc.

sorry, i must say i don't have the latest update from jamie,
this could be a more serious explanation.

but i'm not on my machine now and can't test it.

anyway, the test should be made _before_ comittimg,
and you totally miss the debate
if you think i want to keep privileged access,
there are some contributors in pidip
but we work the right way ( test before comitting )

and ciao, that's enough of this.


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