Lutz Scheulen l_scheulen at web.de
Thu Apr 14 00:09:45 CEST 2005

Hi, friends of electronic amusement,

I have two (minor) problems getting externals to properly work:
I can't get 'knob' working at all. When I use the version that comes 
with the pd-externals package (Debian, btw) it crashes pd immediately;
using the one that comes with Frank Barknecht's pd303-patch gives:

/usr/lib/pd/extra/knob.pd_linux: undefined symbol: iemgui_list
... couldn't create

I guess something's missing (iemlib?)

Second (even smaller) problem I have with 'pianoroll' and 'grid' from 
Yves  Degoyon: they DO work, but I cant access the properties-dialog
(right mouse-button, as the help-file says). [Using the pd-unauthorized 
package from Pablo Caedes].
Both have been tested with same results in pd-0.37 (from Agnula) and the 
actual 0.38 from Debian unstable on two different machines (both Debian).

I start pd with:
pd -lib zexy -lib Gem -rt -jack


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