[PD] osx Gem Window Weirdness.

timon botez timon at sosolimited.com
Wed Apr 27 10:23:53 CEST 2005

I got a G5 running pd-Gem with a Nvidea dual head graphics card (fast 
and optimized with memory). I have two 1024x768 projectors connected 
and want my image to go across. So I type in the dimensions into the 
window but it wont let me create.

I get the error message:
GemwinMac: width - 2048 height - 768
Mac: no info.context
error: Gem: Unable to create window
error: Gem: No window made

The thing that puzzles me is that when I was testing this on a 
1600x1200 monitor I was able to create an image as large as 2400x900 to 
do some high res screen grabs. So Im assuming its not down to the card 
or Gem. What could it be? Any clues?


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