[GEM-dev] Redundancy in PDP/Gridflow/Gem - was Re: [PD] gridflow for pd OS X(OT)

shree bigswift at ufl.edu
Mon May 2 16:54:06 CEST 2005

I think that what Ben and I might be after is a synthesis of these 
three externals for a powerful image/video manipulation tool.
I see a tremedous potential for these three to act together and time 
and development could be very advantageous.

So with this in mind i think for me it might be most helpful, and jamie 
may cringe but the bridge to and from pdp should flow both ways
pdp2gem & gem2pdp and would be powerful beginning tools

and then the ability [IMHO] for all [pdp,gridFlow] to make use of the 
GEM window probably exclusively or selectively.

so in theory

[gf]   stuff]

could all be in a gemwin

How much of this is possible, or reasonable i will simply ask

Patrick Pagano, B.S., M.F.A.
Research And Development Assistant
Digital Worlds Institute
University Of Florida
(352) 294-2082

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