[PD] devel 0.38 and segfaults

Johannes Burström johannes at ljud.org
Tue May 3 12:50:41 CEST 2005

hi list

with a performance coming up in a few days, i'm starting to get 
desperate in finding the source of the segmentation faults that has been 
bugging me for a while. i'm trying to run devel 0.38 w/ jack, because of 
the glitch-free jack support, with the cb scheduler. i have compiled it 
(for now, stripping of anything that i don't understand) with 
--enable-jack, --enable-optimize=pentium4, and i'm on agnula/debian.

The segfaults usually happen when i'm making or breaking audio 
connections, with dsp on, and (perhaps related) after i have loaded and 
are playing back some arrays. I'm sorry i can't be more precise than 
that. Running the same patches on stable pd (0.38.4) seems to work 
alright. (but, again, not completely glitch-free... )

Being very much a non-programmer, i feel kind of lost. what should i do 
to try to spot the error source? does this behaviour sound familiar?

thanks for any help,

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