[PD] PDa, ipaq h5550, success

CK chris at lo-res.org
Sat May 7 17:21:08 CEST 2005

I read:
> I'm not actually interested in getting the audio from kismet to Pd, but

it's not audio it's just the info you can configure in kismet.conf like
(using either dummy wave files or a tiny patch to kismet server or ui)

# New network found
# Wepped new network
# Network traffic sound
# Network junk traffic found
# GPS lock aquired sound
# GPS lock lost sound
# Alert sound

(those get send to play)

and to festival it sends:

# %b is replaced by the BSSID (MAC) of the network
# %s is replaced by the SSID (name) of the network
# %c is replaced by the CHANNEL of the network
# %r is replaced by the MAX RATE of the network

that's quite some info ;)

> the data, and then parsing it in Pd to perform whatever functions. So
> the whole festival/play thing isn't really an issue...

see above, I thought about writing a kismet client external, but then I
never needed one enough to actually do it ;)
> I think what I should have said is that I want to write a kismet client
> in Pd.

see above
> At the moment there's no space to install py, but maybe I'll just have
> to buy an SD card and put py there to figure this all out. I'd like to

yeah I put most stuff on the sd card and it works nicely



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