[PD] RE: audio click and windows firewall

Phillip Stearns mindphone_divided at yahoo.com
Sat May 28 17:54:55 CEST 2005


> i just discover that the windowsXP firewall does
> filter all message from 
> pd (0.38) to it's gui. this can cause lot's of click
> or other trouble in 
> the audio processing.

Where are the clicks happening or are likely to
happen?  I've been running PD .37 up to .38 on XP
machines with scarcely a problem.

I do notice that Norton and the Windows firewall
attempt to block communication but I have told the
firewall to Unblock PD.  It prompted me upon opening
PD recently.

Again... all my patches have been click free from
quite some time (even the hairy granular patches).  I
still haven't gotten into working with my own FFT
patches but I suspect that maybe this is where the
click could happen?  Really I'm clueless as to what
the trouble is all about.

I will note that while using the Asio Full Duplex
Device that I will get an occassional click or pop
here and there but that's most likely due to the
driver (worst when using the multiedia device so don't
do it).  When I'm using my MOTU interface, I haven't
had a problem since I downloaded the Windows firewire

Also, clicks and other distortion can occur when
trying to bring the latency down too far (below the
buffer size on your audio card).  I'm not sure what
the best advice here is though. Perhaps drop the
buffer size on the audio card down and then reduce
latency to just longer than the buffer size?  A 1028
sample buffer is equivalent to just under 24 ms
(44.1).  I run at about 20 ms latency with 512 sample
buffer (44.1) just to be safe.  I suppose I could get
the latency down smaller say 10 ms by using a 256
sample buffer but I haven't tried that yet.

> PS : use winXP without firwall at your own risk.

yeah just make sure that you're not connected to the
net (physically disconnect or power off network
adapters) and that you've done a virus and spyware


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