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Sun Jun 5 19:22:59 CEST 2005

On Sun, 5 Jun 2005, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> günter geiger hat gesagt: // günter geiger wrote:
> > There are two parts to the problem. The flext package for Debian follows
> > the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) for Unix like operating
> > systems. You find all development and library files in /usr/lib/libflext*
> > and /usr/include/flext.
> This actually also is, where flext from CVS installs as default, at
> least where flext is installed here on my machine. The only additional
> files are in /usr/bin/flext-build.sh, which is okay for the FHS, and
> in /usr/lib/flext/buildsys/, which might be debatable (maybe
> /usr/share/flext would be a better place, but I'm not that deep into
> the FHS and /usr/lib/flext doesn't look wrong.)

I'm not a fundamentalist on these issues, so as along as the package gets
through without a warning its of with me.

> > I am open for any help and suggestions how to improve the Debian flext
> > package, though.
> I think, flext as it is in CVS is now quite packaging-friendly and
> should be easy to do with "build.sh pd gcc" to build and "build.sh pd
> gcc install" to install. The first step will either need to be done
> twice, as it auto-creates some config files, or you prepare these
> config files for the Debs.
> Then other flext-externals-packages would of course build-depend on
> flext being installed and use "flext-build.sh pd gcc".

This sounds reasonable. Is there a tag for checking out a stable
version from CVS, or should I just take the latest ?


> I didn't yet try the "autoconf"-build-style by Tim, which could be
> another possibility to use when creating Debs.
> Ciao
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