[PD] where's flext?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Jun 5 13:55:12 CEST 2005

günter geiger hat gesagt: // günter geiger wrote:

> There are two parts to the problem. The flext package for Debian follows
> the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) for Unix like operating
> systems. You find all development and library files in /usr/lib/libflext*
> and /usr/include/flext.

This actually also is, where flext from CVS installs as default, at
least where flext is installed here on my machine. The only additional
files are in /usr/bin/flext-build.sh, which is okay for the FHS, and
in /usr/lib/flext/buildsys/, which might be debatable (maybe
/usr/share/flext would be a better place, but I'm not that deep into
the FHS and /usr/lib/flext doesn't look wrong.) 

> I am open for any help and suggestions how to improve the Debian flext
> package, though.

I think, flext as it is in CVS is now quite packaging-friendly and
should be easy to do with "build.sh pd gcc" to build and "build.sh pd
gcc install" to install. The first step will either need to be done
twice, as it auto-creates some config files, or you prepare these
config files for the Debs. 

Then other flext-externals-packages would of course build-depend on
flext being installed and use "flext-build.sh pd gcc".

I didn't yet try the "autoconf"-build-style by Tim, which could be
another possibility to use when creating Debs.

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