[PD] display waveform in GEM

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Mon Jun 6 14:50:30 CEST 2005


> Actually I asked a similar question as this a few month ago.
> I also played around a bit with the [curve 2] object and posted my first result
> on the list too..

[curve 2] is quite slow for drawing a single line,
I use an abstraction made with the openGL objects (see attachment) that 
is compatible with [curve 2], but lot's faster when you have 1000 lines 
to draw...

> But as I couldn't come up (and no-one else) with a effective solution I decided
> just to use .jpg images of the waveforms (as IOhannes suggested)
> Still I would also be very interested in a solution..
> I imagine that a [curve] object with an input for a list of points would be very
> useful..

I don't understand : [curve 5] get inputs for 5 differents points. you 
can do segmented line abstraction using openGL wrapper (as in [curve2]).
what do you want more?

>>well, I don't qualify as a Gemhead, but I made a simple patch which
>>does this using the method, I use in my msd-editor to render lots of
>>things inside one render command. I have first seen this in Cyrille
>>Henry's patches.
the first time i saw this was in Iohannes (or someone else) examples patch.
IMO, this kind of example are really missing in the gem official 

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