[PD] Re: patches wont open

ggkarman at musicologia.com ggkarman at musicologia.com
Mon Jun 6 20:47:08 CEST 2005

got it! I forgot about one of the abstractions i just modified. I was
trying to create 9 arrays of 4.41e007 elements which seems to be more than
my RAM can hold (1Gb). The patches refused to open and pd crashed.
sorry for the noise

> Hi friends,
> Suddenly i can't open a whole set of patches that ive been working on. The
> problem is with a series of versions of the same patch
> (main1,main2,...main26), i can open other stuff without a problem. Ive
> tried -noloadbang -noaudio -nomidi, and selectively loading externals or
> not loading any at all. I have tried on other pd version i have installed,
> both on 2 different w$ installations on the same machine. The funny thing
> is i dont remeber doing anything that could cause this after the last time
> i could open them. ¿Any ideas how to debug this?
> g

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