[PD] display waveform in GEM

Matthias Blau blau_m at web.de
Tue Jun 7 20:16:00 CEST 2005

well, I see two drawbacks to using Scope~
1) one additional library (cyclone) to install (which *is* an obstacle 
if you want to get students or more generally, non-pd-freaks, to work 
with it, on different platforms)
2) lacking documentation for Scope~ (I actually wasn't able to get it 
working in the sense of adjusting triggering and to meaningfully display 
any signal with frequency components above a few Hz). Perhaps someone 
can elucidate me on this issue.


Frank Barknecht schrieb:
> I often use Scope~ from Cyclone for monitoring signals, It's quite
> fast, can be resized and zoomed and is generally a very useful
> little external.
> Ciao

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