[PD] 2 video output without overload CPU

rez rez at r3dribbon.com
Sat Jun 11 16:04:40 CEST 2005

Hi list, again!

I'm still working in my videomixer, and I'm trying to have 2 video
outputs, one for preview and other to set on fullscreen in second monitor.
Thequestion is that CPU overloads when I try to have 2 pdp_xv or glx
working at same time.
I use this combination of outputs:

pdp_xv  and pdp_glx : works, but so overloaded
pdp_glx and pdp_glx : idem
pdp_xv  and pdp_xv  >> don't works, pd says: "pdp_xv: cant open display :0"

I've a Pentium 4 laptop with Ati radeon 7500 (32Mbs) video card running
Gentoo and Xorg.


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