[PD] more strange behaviours on 0.38.3

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Wed Jun 22 14:03:56 CEST 2005

Hi Krzysztof ,
i see, i can reproduce it... but the amount of 124 windows with 
devel_0_38 is large enough that i haven't encountered the problem before.
However, you are right with your original post... it seems that 
developers in the intersection of the topics "Windows", "PD" and 
"TCL/TK" really have vanished. I won't immerse myself in the latter.

best greetings,

Krzysztof Czaja schrieb:

> hi Thomas,
> Thomas Grill wrote:
> ...
>> Oh well, considering myself a Windows/PD developer, i'm still here... 
>> i can't say that i experienced that popup poppping up... but i'm 
>> using solely the devel branch - that is the place where i can fix 
>> things in time.
> try these steps, as I just did a short while ago:
> 1. boot windows
> 2. run pd .38
> 3. press ctrl-n
> 4. keep it pressed as long as the number "x" increases in the
>    "Untitled-x ..." title bar
> 5. record the last value of "x"
> 6. exit pd, if possible (or reboot windows)
> 7. run pd .37
> 8. repeat steps 3-5
> I was able to open 41 windows in pd .38, and 152 in pd .37.
> That was in pure pd.  Then I doubled the number of help submenu
> entries and pd .38 would open only 23 windows.
> Certainly, there are some stupid limits, although I have no idea
> what imposes them.  However, having hundreds of help files listed
> in a single menu, which barely scrolls in wish.exe, and does not
> scroll at all under linux, seems absurd, anyway.
> Krzysztof

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