[PD] recommended video codec

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Jun 22 13:41:01 CEST 2005

Hey Etienne,

Just to chime in, I don't know the solution to your problem, but I've
not heard of people using PDP at such a high-resolution.

Anyhow what comes out of your comments here is the fact that there is a
size/decoding speed trade-off. I think your seeing the best options and
I'd suggest going with the bigger files... If the HD is not big
enough... :( I just got my new AMD linux machine and got a RAID0 array
of dual SATA drives.. I'm hoping this will work well for what your
considering. I'll be doing some steps once it is up and running, but the
raid setup was a little more complex than I was hoping/expecting!

I have not tried it but you can control the compression quality of a
photo-jpeg video, to match the size, and then try and use a well
optimized jpeg decompression library. photo-jpeg videos are big
though... :(

Tried the same tests with Gem? Any difference?

Good luck.


PS: anyone put a wiki on pure-data.info about codecs?

etienne deleflie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am in the throws of  tetsing dozens and dozens of video codecs to find
> the one that is the most "right".
> I want to decode 30 minutes of video (no sound) at 25fps (no dropped
> frames) at 640 x 280... from a 10gig scsi hard drive.... decoding must
> take up no more than around 30% CPU on a 2ghz processor (need the rest
> for audio)
> codec must have no frame differenceing for fast access to sepcific
> frames... revers playback etc.
> I'm using PDP .... which does yuv422 planar. ......
> - mjpeg A (as encoded by transcode) chews 65% cpu
> - mjpeg B (as encoded by Premiere) chews around 50% cpu
> - component video (packed yuv422) chews around 30% cpu  (acceptible) but
> takes up too much hard drive space
> - planar 4:2:0 is good ... its the closest ..... chews 25% cpu , takes
> less hard drive than component but still too much hard drive.
> theora is yuck, sorenson too much cpu, divx is small, fast and
> reasonable quality ....... but all these have frame differencing.
> indeo 3 is poor quality but decode is very fast.... cant read indeo 4+
> on linux (I think it is frame differencing anyway)
> cinepak would do it, ..fast decode... but very poor quality.
> .... any suggestions? ........... anyone found a mjpeg compressor that
> deocdes really fast?
> does anyone know of a codec that is PLANAR .... but compresses each Y U
> and V plane? ..... something like that would be real fast for pdp.
> etienne
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