[PD] external for reading files from directories?

Gregorio G. Karman ggkarman at musicologia.com
Thu Jun 23 09:52:05 CEST 2005

This topic has already been treated several times on the list. Im using
python scripts for this in pd - windows with pyext. If you wish to
retrieve several different files with known extensions i would suggest
using python's 'glob' command which allows searches with wildcards (eg:
I've been thinking of preparing a short tut. on how i do this with some
patches maybe within a month. Zexy could be your friend to deal with the
returned strings.


>Is there an external for reading the contents of a directory/folder on
>the file system? Preferably, this external would output a list of symbol
>names... and allow you to specify a set of extensions (eg, it would
>return only .jpg .gif .png etc).


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