[PD] xrecord~ how to fade read point from circular written buffers?

David McCarthy mccartde at tcd.ie
Thu Jun 23 12:01:48 CEST 2005


I'm making a real time granular pitch shifter, 2 grains, reading off a circular

As you know when the read point passes the write point, or visa versa (depending
on what pitch the pitch shifter is operating at) there is a click since at that
point there is a discontinuity between the previous and currently being written

I'm using the xrecord~ object to write to a buffer and tabread4~ to read from
the buffer.

How would I detect from xrecord~ the index or location of the buffer, where the
incoming audio is being written?

Need to fade out old and in new at this overlap point.

Or, is there another solution?

Thanks for the help and  PD is great!


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