[PD] gui irregularities (keyboard control)

jmmmp jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Sun Jun 26 15:37:43 CEST 2005

hello list,

when editing object's properties, with some windows it is possible to have  
a full control of the window boxes with the keyboard (through tab /  
shift-tab). But in some other ones (like array properties) it isn't  
possible, this "feature" is switched off. would it be possible to make all  
windows similar in behaviour? (that is, all keyboard controlled)
one of the details that I most like in pd is that you can do everything  
with the keyboard through shortcuts, with hardly any mouse clicking. that  
makes the whole thing faster.

by the way, another perk: it would also help a lot if the buttons would  
have the alt-[Key] possibility, just like the menus have.

(I don't know how to program tcl/tk and frankly didn't wanted to learn,  
but if it is just mechanical work of changing some letters, if someone  
points me the way I can spare the time to change it - that is, if these  
changes are considered to be important for the program)

oh, I'm on xp


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