[PD] dynamic guis

Christopher Charles schraubzwingenhalterung at web.de
Tue Jun 28 21:07:37 CEST 2005

pun chik wrote:

>if this is not possible is there any way to make guis that can change
>its components while im playing?
>for example i have 3 options ( bangs) in my gui (cone, curve, text3d)...
>when i select cone  i want that appears in my gui  2 sliders that can
>control the cones parameter.... and if a select curve i want that the
>cones sliders dissappear and appear the sliders that control
>if i have 30 options is big waste of space to have all my screen full of
>sliders..... any idea to perform such a task??
the way i do it is to have a canvas lying around in my gui patch, where
i hide unused sliders behind. i have a synth whose controls i grouped
into 16 submodules. next, there is a vradio for selecting these modules.
on selection, a subpatch controls which sliders or radios are placed
where and with which label. just be sure to create the hide-canvas after
all your controls. actually more a dirty hack than a solution, but it
works, and keeps my screens less crowded.


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