[PD] sample player anyone?]

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue Jun 28 19:34:45 CEST 2005

The xsample externals do everything you mentioned and more. They've also 
become quite easy to compile. And they're based on flext, so they can 
also be used for MAX, though I've never tried that.

altern wrote:
> hi
> thanks for the reply to all. I know all those methods you mention as i
> did several sample players myself a couple of years ago, and they were
> fairly complex (start point, end point, frecuency, loop on/off, import,
> export, save, amplitude, avoiding ticks on loop and some other stuff i
> cannot remember anymore).
> The problem is that i am unable to reuse them as they are a bit too
> messy and I dont have much time to code one 'general' one myself.
> but the main issue I wanted to point to, I guess, is that in my opinion
> it would be good for PD to have a good, portable sample player
> abstraction that people can use and reuse if they dont know (or dont
> have time or cannot be bothered, etc...) to code themselves one.
> Sometimes I
> give introductions to PD to multimedia students, and it is
> quite a difficult point when they ask for a complex sample player like 
> the object in MAX and I
> have to answer 'you have to code it yrself from scratch or start from
> qsample.pd'. Of course they mean one where they can straight away to
> change frequency, invert the sound, and control all kinds of parameters.
> And qsample, despite of being a nice example, it doesnt fulfill all this.
> I actually found that in short intros to PD and MAX, many of them would
> go for MAX because it has a 'sampleplayer' object. Then being myself
> pasionated with PD, I decide to code a general one myself to give it to 
> them so
> that they could get interested on PD and they would not be scared by all
> that low level work. But not being very efficient PD programmer I never
> did a clean one.
> Maybe i should
> give another try and do one myself but I dont have much time to do so, I
> will try to find some time somewhere ... and if ever do it I will put it
> available for download of course.
> thanks
> Urs Liska wrote:
>>  > (oops, forgot to reply to list)
>>  > sorry i don'T have an easy solution...although there are definately a
>>  > few out there...but if you just learn how to use tabread4~, you can
>>  > code up sample players to do anything pretty quickly.
>>  >
>>  > basically tabread~ 4 takes input from a line~ object to play the
>>  > sample.
>> Or, if you want to loop, you can use a phasor~.
>>  > once you get the hang of getting the correct numbers to the
>>  > line~ object, you can code sample players to do heaps of cool stuff


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