[PD] hardware recommendation

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Wed Aug 17 12:49:11 CEST 2005

Hallo list!

I have to use 4 800x600 projectors with 4 channel sound for an 
installation, so I wanted to ask if someone can share some experiences 
which hardware we should buy ...

the organizers suggested the following:
athlon64, 1.8ghz
1gb ram
2x matrox g200 dualhead pci.
(1 or 2 computers)

1) Should I really try to use the 64 bit processors :) (on linux of 
course) ?

2) I think I will use GEM (it's not much to do - I have to display some 
images and text ...), so I am just thinking about, how to use 4 projectors:
- I could use 2 computer with a dualhead graphic card, then make a big 
GEM window over all 2 heads
- 1 computer with 2 dualhead graphic cards and make a big GEM window 
over all 4 heads ?
- or maybe start 2 PDs on one computer to have 2 gemwins (trying to 
avoid the experimtental multiple gemwin feature ...)

3) matrox g200: has anyone experiences with that card - I searched 
google and found an (old) article, there it was said, that it's not 
possible to use DRI with 2 screens on linux ...
or could someone suggest an other card?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion,


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