[PD] teabox...any users drivers

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Thu Aug 25 15:36:17 CEST 2005

It happened again (and likely will happen in the future if the [reply 
to] isn't changed on the list)
I replied just to Christian and got an answer. I wanted both to read on 
the list:

Christian Klippel schrieb:
> on a general note: whats the sense behind using an audiointerface for 
> controllers, except to block a valuable audio-port? do you really fiddle with 
> knobs and sensors that fast? if so, can i have your hands, please? would make 
> my soldering life much easier ;-D
> mind you: to use that, you would need an extra audio-interface. add that to 
> the cost of the unit.

The teabox is sending all of its values thru spdif. It does make a lot
of sense, if it happens that you do have an audiointerface with spdif
already, not using it for audio on stage because all audio is analog
there. Its delivering that as a stream, locked to the audio rate. Which
makes it easy to lock your controls to audio...
With having experienced all kinds of problems with interacting several
USB-Midi, Audio-Midi interface combinations, I think its quite an
appealing idea having only one firewire port delivering all the data
within the same protocol.

Of course its pricey...

I guess Timothy would be happy to help out creating Pd objects if he
didn't do it already...


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