[PD] setting canvas label

derek at x-i.net derek at x-i.net
Thu Sep 1 21:35:17 CEST 2005

Sorry Rainer, 

Disregard my last mail! 

I forgot one thing. I'm away from my PD machine right now.

Try this:

[label $1<
[send canvas-receive-name]

Then in the properties of the canvas, name the receive to match the send above.

There is some help on this subject in the PD Documentation Project.
Google for the address, download the zip and unpack it in your 5.doc folder.


Zitat von rainer kohlberger <rainer at kohlberger.net>:

> hello,
> i could not find any hints in the archives, so:
> when i want to set the label of a canvas from 0 to 5 (numbers) by sending
> [1(
> |
> [;                    (
> [nameofcanvas label $1(
> i get:
> error: Bad arguments for message 'label' to object 'cnv'.
> if i send anything with characters, it works.
> though -is this a bug? -is there a way to convert the number to
> character-encoding without using any external?
> thanks, rainer.

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