[PD] event sequencer

shift8 shift8 at digitrash.com
Wed Sep 7 22:27:57 CEST 2005

seems i left a really important piece out of my state-saver/sequencer
project when i tar'ed it up. ;)

attached is a version that has all the parts.  i'd love to get some
feedback and/or design tips on it (Frank?) 

start patch seq-tagged-example.pd, click load, select test.txt as the
sequence, hit play.

to record your own, hit clear, check record, hit start, goof with the
sliders.  (there is a subtle bug still if you hit rewind while record is

to use it as a regular state saver with multiple states, select record,
make some changes, deselect record, increment or decrement (tic). rinse,

i know i'm kinda reinventing the wheel, but i also need automation with
my state saving. if something like this has already been done, please
give me pointers!

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