[PD] experiences building PD from CVS on PlanetCCRMA FC3

David O'Toole dto at twu.net
Fri Sep 16 19:55:27 CEST 2005

Actually, building things manually has turned out well. I updated to
today's copy of the source tree and built again, this time only
removing the -Werror from the makefile to get flext building. 

This is great, now it means I can port my virtual turntable GOP stuff
from a pdogg based backend to the improved [readanysf~] stuff....

I'll release both my install script and my turntable stuff when
they're ready... as well as details on the elusive KarmaPod I
mentioned here a while back. . . 

Now playing: dto_sitari.ogg (on PdRadio :-)

Dave O'Toole
dto at twu.net

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